Card Operating System

Besides embedding/integrating the standard card operating systems (COS) available in the market, our expert team is capable of customizing the CircleONE, a proprietary COS developed by us, according to your needs

Chip Programming

Our engineers have expertise and experience to do initialization, personalization, key injection, applet loading and data encoding into the smart card chip for you

Customized Printing

We offer card printing service in CMYK. We can print out your graphical artwork directly and provide professional advice to your design in order to achieve the best output


We can provide add-ons to your smart card, e.g. magnetic stripe (hi-co / lo-co), signature panel, barcode, etc., or transform it into other formats, e.g. keyfobs, stickers, etc.


  • Secure Network Logon
  • Education
  • e-Healthcare
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Gaming
  • Transportation

Contact us to learn more about our one-stop smart card services or customization details for your applications and solutions.

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